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What's Proposed?



  • The estimated cost for the new middle school is $117,742,443, which includes furnishing, upgraded safety and technology infrastructure, and facilities to support all programs, including Fine Arts, CTE classes, Science Labs, and Athletics. The goal of this new building is to provide our students with a comprehensive education that allows them to explore their interests and talents across a variety of disciplines.

  • The estimated cost for renovations and additions to the existing intermediate building is $1,536,885. Once complete, this building will become the 4th elementary school in the district. Additionally, the current middle school building will be repurposed as a 9th-grade campus.

  • The cost of land acquisition for the new middle school is estimated to be around $1,500,000.

  • The price of the new building is based on the square footage and a 2% inflation rate, which is a standard industry practice for construction projects.

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